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Establishing a Provincial

Establishing a Provincial Public Health Laboratory
Timely Diagnosis, Timely Response

The collective aim of the PPHA will be to protect the population from infectious diseases and reduce the burden of such diseases. To this end, in addition to the other linkages as outlined in this document, PPHA will coordinate the establishment of the Public Health


Laboratory Network (PHLN). The Public Health Laboratory Network will span a diverse range of scientific fields with a focus on human health and disease as shown in figure below. This requires laboratory scientists with the ability to work effectively across disciplines, particularly epidemiology and clinical medicine. PHLN will play a central role in infectious disease detection, monitoring, outbreak response, providing scientific evidence and leadership to prevent and control disease. The establishment of PHLN will provide a foundation for strengthening international cooperation with the similar networks and will help the PPHA to also fulfil the obligations on Member States by the International Health Regulations (IHR).