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Environmental Health Day Celebrations- Saving Earth Today
There is no Planet B!

Project Management Unit-Punjab Public Health Agency (PMU-PPHA), Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Government of the Punjab, organized a landmark event titled ‘Punjab Provincial Environmental Health Day 2017’ with participation of all the important


stakeholders, in collaboration with UNICEF on the occasion of World Environmental Health Day, 26th of September, 2017. Honourable Ministers from both Environment Protection Department and Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, environmental health experts, development professionals, and technical experts from UN agencies and other leading national and international organizations actively attended and participated in the event. The celebrations were followed by a meeting of the technical working group in order to solidify long-term action plans for various policies including Punjab Environmental Health Strategy, Punjab Drinking Water Policy, Punjab Provincial Arsenic Mitigation Plan and other associated agendas. The event provided an opportunity to foster the networking among the environment and health practitioners and the sharing of knowledge on “One-Health Triad” in the context of improved policy making, governance, accountability, and effective development delivery and results.